Koivusaari-island is the Kesäpäivä yacht club’s home base on lake Längelmävesi. Besides the Kesäpäivä yacht club’s own members, the base welcomes visitors from other yacht clubs as well.  The base includes a large boat dock, a sauna, a little cottage, a nice barbecue place and a compost toilet. Especially on warm summer weekends, there are usually at least a couple of boat parties hanging out together on the island. During Venice Festival at the end of August, there might even be up to 20 boat parties at the base.  All the visitors of the base are expected to do their part in keeping the place clean and taking their own garbage away from the island. This is how the surroundings of the area stay beautiful and cozy for all the base users. Kesäpäivä yacht club – Koivusaari