Place to Sleep Hotel Kangasala

Place to Sleep Hotel Kangasala offers fresh and well-equipped rooms in the city center, next to the indoor swimming hall Kuohu. All rooms have a private bathroom and facilities like a fridge and free WiFi. The rooms have either a beautiful lake view or a city view. We have room options for 1-4 persons. Welcome!

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Kirkkojärventie 6
36200 Kangasala

Aholaita’s sheep farm

The organic sheep farm in Kangasala ethically produces 100% wool yarn, sheepskins, wool products, organic lamb and mutton.

Kirkkosaarentie 60
36340 Tohkala (Kangasala)
tel. +358 40 570 2968

Haavisto organic farm

The organic farm offers a genuine countryside atmosphere, accommodation, paddling, tour skating, exotic sauna bathing and textile art.

Saarikyläntie 888
36570 Kaivanto
tel. +358 40 552 6460

Heinäkallio camp house

The Heinäkallio Christian camp house hosts various camp and course activities.

Heinäkalliontie 23
36520 Raikku
tel. +358 3 376 7649

Kangasala Rest Home

The rest home is a guided tourist destination that exudes history. Here you will find a banquet and conference room as well as catering and café services on request.

Ruutanantie 26
36200 Kangasala
tel. +358 3 377 1051

Kuohenmaa holiday cottages

The Kuohenmaa holiday cottages are a leisure-time oasis consisting of five cottages and great activities.

Lehtolantie 16
36200 Kangasala
tel. +358 40 7667 351


Lomaroine offers accommodation on the shore of Lake Roine all year round. Also available are smoke and lakeside saunas, an outdoor hot tub and, in the summer, a granny’s cottage.

Haulaniementie 101
36200 Kangasala
tel. +358 3 376 5953

Majaalahti granny’s cottage

Majaalahdentie 286
36270 Kangasala
tel. +358 50 328 6228

Peltola estate

The farm produces broilers, grain and agricultural machine services in Kangasala. A banquet room and cottage also available for rent.

Raikuntie 190
36520 Raikku
tel. +358 400 733 192


A comfortable and cosy inn on the shore of Lake Kirkkojärvi in Sahalahti.

Töykänäntie 265
36420 Sahalahti
tel. +358 40 570 6022

Sappeen Aateli

There are three big, top-quality villas at the best spot of Sappee Resort.

Sappee Resort
tel. +358 400 354 173

Sappee Resort

The resort, known for downhill skiing, offers a wide range of activities also in the summer. Sappee also has accommodation and lots of different events.

Sappeenvuorentie 200
36450 Salmentaka, Pälkäne
tel. +358 20 755 9970

Uotilan Luxus villas ja holiday cottages

In Uotila, you can spend a modern meeting day or sauna evening at stunning lakeside villas with accommodation. We also arrange festivities.

Tossantie 33
36570 Kaivanto
tel. +358 40 540 8500

Villa Pinea

Villa Pinea is a luxurious passive villa on the shore of Lake Vehkajärvi. Villa Pinea offers a wonderful setting for relaxation and various nature activities with accommodation.

Murtolantie 116
17740 Kasiniemi
tel. +358 500 237 369

Villa Vuorikotka

A three-bedroom cottage located on the shore of Lake Roine.

Vehoniemenkylätie 78
36570 Kaivanto
tel. +358 50 569 7754

Other accommodation possibilities

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