Vehoniemen luontopolku


Kirkkojärven luontopolku, kuva: Tiia Ennala

Kirkkojärvi culture and nature trail

A nature trail, about 10.5 kilometres in length, built and maintained by the Town of Kangasala. The trail is located near the Kangasala town centre.

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Forest teaching trail

The trail runs along the Kirkkoharju ridge. There is an information board about the trail at the Kirkkoharju observation tower with the trail’s location and control points.

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Kaarina trail

A hiking trail of about 60 kilometres, with sections suitable for shorter walks. The Kaarina trail is marked with blue posts and there are lean-tos along the route. If you would like to hike more, you can also explore the possibilities offered by the Birgitta trail in Lempäälä. The Kaarina trail and Birgitta trail are connected to each other. 

A map of the area is available from the customer service point of the Town of Kangasala Technical Centre, address Urheilutie 13, and electronically from the link below.

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The Laipanmaa area

The Laipanmaa area is one of the largest continuous forest areas in Southern Finland. It offers hikers 30 kilometres of guided trails in areas belonging to the Town of Kangasala and the municipality of Pälkäne. A map of the area is available from the customer service point of the Town of Kangasala Technical Centre, address Urheilutie 13, and electronically from the link below.

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Mäyrävuoren luola, kuva: Julia Saviranta

Cave discoveries

Kangasala has exciting cave destinations to tour even for an entire day. The Lempokivi Rock and Ohtola Devil’s Rock are the best known. The Mäyrävuori outdoor recreation area near the town centre surprises with its beauty. The cave can be found under a large erratic boulder.


The Osprey Centre in Pohtiolampi is a recreation and adventure travel destination close to nature with a beautiful and stimulating environment in all seasons. Try your fishing skills at the salmon pond and enjoy hot smoked salmon, climb the osprey tower to admire the great birds swooping after prey and travel the signposted ancient trail to the Stone Age settlement in Sarsa. Pohtiolampi hosts garden bird-watching events.

You can dine and have coffee at the Pohtiolampi restaurant. Pohtiolampi also has accommodation facilities for long-distance visitors and photographers.

Metsää Kangasalla

Explore the Punamultalukko kettle hole

About three kilometres south of the Vehoniemenharju ridge is located an impressive memento of the ice age, Punamultalukko, one of the largest kettle holes in Finland. It is the result of a large ice block buried under gravel melting.

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Vehoniemen luontopolku

Vehoniemi nature trail

The two-kilometre nature trail of the Vehoniemenharju ridge introduces you to ridge nature. Special features of the route, which is steep is some places, include curly birches and the Uhkainlampi kettle hole. The trail is maintained by Metsähallitus.

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Joint municipal recreation areas

Pirkanmaan virkistysalueyhdistys ry is a joint association of 14 municipalities in Pirkanmaa with the aim of safeguarding and developing opportunities for recreation and hiking. The association’s member municipalities acquire land to be used by the residents of the area.

The Town of Kangasala is a co-owner of four recreation and hiking areas located in Kangasala, Lempäälä, Orivesi and Pälkäne.

Eräpyhä recreation area

The Eräpyhä recreation area is located in Orivesi and is bordered by Lake Längelmävesi and the Eräpyhä conservation area owned by the city of Orivesi. It has a lean-to, campfire site, pier and toilet available for hikers. The area is owned by the city of Orivesi, city of Kangasala, city of Valkeakoski and the municipality of Pälkäne.

Mäyriä recreation area

The Mäyriä recreation area in Lempäälä is suitable for diverse recreational activities. There you can swim, play, go to the sauna during public sauna hours, row, cook or rent premises for your own small celebrations and recreation. For more information, please visit Mäyriä’s own website. The area is owned by the municipality of Lempäälä, city of Tampere, city of Nokia, municipality of Pirkkala, municipality of Vesilahti, city of Ylöjärvi, city of Valkeakoski and the city of Kangasala.

Kukkosaari recreation area

The Kukkosaari recreation area is located in the municipality of Pälkäne and, despite its name, it is a peninsula that can also be accessed by land. The village of Vihavuosi with its museums is just a stone’s throw away. The area is bordered by Lake Vihajärvi and has a lean-to, fireplace, woodshed, toilet and pier. The area is owned by municipality of Pälkäne, city of Kangasala, municipality of Lempäälä, city of Valkeakoski and city of Hämeenlinna.

Hautsaari Island

The destination located on Hautsaari Island of Lake Roine in Kangasala can be reached by boaters and, during the winter, hikers travelling on the ice. The area has a hut with a campfire site. The area is owned by the Town of Kangasala, City of Valkeakoski and the municipality of Pälkäne.