For boaters

Mobilia harbour

Mobilia harbour is the main harbour in Kangasala and it’s situated on the coastline of lake Längelmävesi, by the ship route.  The boat dock is managed and maintained by  Kesäpäivä…

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Café-Restaurant Kaivannon Keidas

Café-restaurant Kaivannon Keidas is located right before Kaivanto canal on lake Längelmävesi (by highway 12). There is a possibility for several boats to dock in front of the place. Boaters love the café-restaurant for its hot wings, burgers, fish & chips, wafflels, doughnuts etc.  Usually also a soup is served daily at lunchtime. The place has alcohol lisences. Kaivannon Keidas


Koivusaari-island is the Kesäpäivä yacht club’s home base on lake Längelmävesi. Besides the Kesäpäivä yacht club’s own members, the base welcomes visitors from other yacht clubs as well.  The base includes a large boat dock, a sauna, a little cottage, a nice barbecue place and a compost toilet. Especially on warm summer weekends, there are usually at least a couple of boat parties hanging out together on the island. During Venice Festival at the end of August, there might even be up to 20 boat parties at the base.  All the visitors of the base are expected to do their part in keeping the place clean and taking their own garbage away from the island. This is how the surroundings of the area stay beautiful and cozy for all the base users. Kesäpäivä yacht club – Koivusaari


Hautsaari-island’s recreation area is located on lake Roine, on the western side of Saarikylät. The ship route goes pass Hautsaari from the Easterns side. The rocky northern coast is suitable for boat landfall, the southern coast on the other hand is shallow and sheltered. The island includes a laplander’s hut, a compost toilet (composter latrine) and a woodshed. For precise location information, check: Hautsaari-island map – Pirkanmaa region’s Recreation area Society

Vesaniemi Beach

Vesaniemi dock and beach area is located close to the Kangasala city center. Besides the beach and dock, the area also includes a beach volley court, a playground and a kiosk. In addition, Kangasala paddlers’ society has a SUP board and kayak renting service there (Kangasala paddlers’ society). Kangasala city also rents rowing boats in Vesaniemi, the rent is 10 €/day and the rent also includes life jackets. A key to the boat lock and the life jackets can be claimed from PajaKauppa-store (address Kuohunharjuntie 31, 36200 Kangasala, telephone +358 46 969 8734). You can call PajaKauppa for more detail.

Vesaniemi is located on the coast of lake Vesijärvi, so unfortunately you can’t reach it by boat from lake Längelmävesi / lake Roine.